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I help businesses in their marketing strategy.

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Benchmarking, user target segmentations, positioning, avatars, value propositions, value chain, KPIs, industry synergies, lean canvas.



Bringing traffic to websites. Converting visitors into customers. Specializing in SEO & SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing).



Developing and designing websites that adapt to mobile phones. Specializing in WordPress development and use of HTML, CSS, PHP.


When I work for someone, I put my heart, mind, and hands to work. I invest my time in projects I believe in.


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Cecile Eurendjian

IoT and Mobile Services at Gemalto

It’s rare that you come across standout marketing talent like Stephan. I hired Stephan on a short Marketing mission beg of 2014. After over-performing his objectives, he will keep on working for Gemalto on a strategic marketing mission in Brazil (Sao Paolo).

Stephan's ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before in such short time and made a strong difference in overcoming team's challenges. We will still miss him in the French office. Stephan would be an asset to any team.

Justin Bolognino

Founder/CEO at META.is

Good energy is the most important thing to a vibrant, productive workspace, and this is where Stephan shines most. His mind is sharp, witty, intuitive, and always seeking to learn and grow.

Stephan proved himself over and over again as a great thinker, that rare combo of having a mind that is both creative and business oriented. He thinks in big ideas, and delivers in thorough details.

Stephan would be an asset to any type of team, from the highly professional to the highly creative, his energy will shine and he will rise to be a foremost leader in the business/creative world.

Axel Claverie Erwast

Founder & CEO at Social Fork

I worked closely with Stephan in the launch of Social Fork in London. He was in charge of user acquisition and the general marketing strategy and execution. He went above and beyond his task, returning high quality deliverables and helped Social Fork go onto a path of success. Stephan "gets things done" and really puts his heart and energy on every project he is given.

If you're looking for good energy and out-of-the-box thinking I can only highly recommend Stephan.

Aurelio Cutrim

Director Century 21 Brasil

Fiquei muito satisfeito pelo trabalho desenvolvido pelo Stephan, ele desenvolveu um ótimo site de Carnaval para a Riocarnivaltickets. Fui muito profissional do início ao fim.

Laurent Canolle

Product Manager at Gemalto

Stephan is a good team player, very enthusiastic and dedicated. His marketing skills in mobile "App world" were really appreciated during marketing studies.

Sandrine Blanquart

Mobile Marketing, Senior Marketing Manager at Gemalto

Stephan is an eager young professional with a flare for mobile marketing. I worked with him for almost 2 years and I have found him to be trustworthy, honest, enthusiastic and hardworking. I also really enjoyed his team spirit.

Laurent Grosgogeat

General Manager at Cerruti

With Stephan's ability to speak fluent French, he was able to interact with all levels of the organization. His work ethic, attention to detail and positive attitude allowed him to deliver world class customer service despite many challenges. I highly recommend Stephan.

Cedric Ravelomanana

Supervisor @DHL Express International France

Stephan had a knack for developing strategies that truly broke the mold in the marketing process. He is a creative and efficient problem solver. I highly recommend him.

Gregoire Rey

Analyst - Corporate Finance & Restructuring

His creativity, positivism, and perfectionism allowed Social Fork to exist and to develop in a niche market. Moreover, his leadership and people skills added a great synergy within the team. He introduced creative solutions and followed up on all team work - efficiently. I have to say, it was genuinely a pleasure to work with Stephan.

About me

About me

About me

I'm French-American, born and raised in New-York.

After graduating from the Stockholm School of Business and Euromed Management School in 2012 and 2014 respectively, I was recruited by Gemalto, a multi-national company in digital security. I worked in France as a Product Marketing Manager specialising in mobile apps and tech innovation. As business opportunities in new technologies and digital security grew in Latin America, I was expatriated to Sao Paulo, Brazil to support our team with marketing intelligence in the region (I also speak Portuguese and Spanish). After 2 years at Gemalto, I decided to push the Restart Button and go back to the freelancing world; valuing more genuine and close relationships with clients.


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